-Our goal is to create an atmosphere that you want to party in for 2 reasons: Reason # 1. We respect that you like to party and would never take that away from you. #2 We also like to party.
We play country hits that are currently played on the radio with a few monster hits from way back when. When the mood strikes we’ll even throw in a rock song. If the mood strikes us AGAIN we may even show off our rap skills… maybe.

We pride ourselves in our sound and they way we engage the crowd. Playing from the smallest to the largest of bars, weddings, outdoor shows, festivals, private parties, corporate events and more. If you want to party – You want us to be there.
Role call? Yes Please!

Greg – Lead singer/guitar/train whistle. Greg is the front man of the band. Don’t let his dashing good looks fool you. He is a country boy through and through and… he likes to party.
Aksel – Bass/Lead backup vocals. Aksel slaps the bass like it just called him yeller! He also whispers intoxicating harmonies causing body tingles that border on the line of danger. He also likes to party.
Steve – Lead Guitar/Lead backup vocals to the lead backup vocal singer. Steve is the reason the band doesn’t suck. He makes his guitar sing so sweet the honey bees can leave him alone. Party? Yes Please!
Frank – Lead Drummer/Harmonica/Rap artist. More than just your average drummer. He also blows… Harmonica! If it weren’t for him we would show up late to every show with only half of our stuff. Although that makes him sound lame, he is totally not lame. Frank LOVES to party… like a ton.

Band motto: “No party? No good! Yes Party? Yes Good!” (This is not actually or motto, but it should be!)


dreamleagueDream League will take you on an unstoppable sonic dance floor journey through the biggest and best hits of today and yesterday with jaw-dropping accuracy, an energetic and a hypnotic live act you can’t take your eyes off.



Lamp Shade Betty is a young and high-energy rock band hailing from the St. Paul area. Members of this new group include brothers Benny and Noah Schriener respectively on lead vocals and drums, the shred-prodigy Casey Weishaar ripping on lead guitar, and last but not least Trey Gust holding down the low end on bass. These four guys conspire to make up some of the best rock music on the market to date, which some would describe as a modernized version of 80’s metal. Whatever you call it, this is a band you have to see to believe the true talent involved. Currently with 11 original songs that will soon be released on their debut, self-titled album, Lamp Shade Betty knows how to bring the party, and bring it big.


menaceMinnesota’s premiere high energy rock and roll experience. Covers from 80’s hair bands to current rock favorites, and everything in between.



Arena is one of the Minnesota’s most seasoned and professional bands. Veterans of both local and national venues, Arena has been rocking the Midwest for ten plus years. Whether playing clubs, theaters, or opening for national acts as diverse as UFO, The Gear Daddys, Jackyl or Hairball, what keeps fans coming back for more is Arena’s musicianship, 3-part harmonies, stage production and the diversity oftheir set list. Whether the song is from the 70’s, 80s, 90s, or currently on the charts, what Arena brings to their entire set is ENERGY!



The Vendetta Vixens burlesque troupe exhibits many talents in which you are guaranteed to be amazed. These sassy vixens are always ready to put on a good show, filled with poi, hooping, cabaret, drag, and burlesque. 

MAY 20:  GEL